Dog Boarding Kennels

Lletty Farm’s rolling acres are a fantastic playground for your dog, providing so much space that they need never go on the same walk twice! We can take them to explore ancient woodland, walk on the banks of the River Ithon, which is a site of special scientific interest teeming with wildlife, or have a free run loose off their lead in selected fields.  Great fun and great exercise!
Our long experience in running dog boarding kennels means that whatever your dog’s character, you can trust us to look after them properly. We can deal with everything from the most nervous rescue dogs to the most boisterous confident types – we are used to psychoanalysing them all! 

Key Features 
    • Fully licensed and inspected
    • Open all year
    • Unusually large kennels
    • Heated kennels
    • ALL day exercise runs attached to each kennel
    • Twice daily walks
    • Usual home diet adhered to
                                               *  Only dogs from the same household may share a kennel
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